Cathy Cruise

"Helping someone with no expectations of getting the same back."

Joseph Baumer

"Kindness is doing somthing for others to make them happy. And in return yourself will feel better. "

Mathew Kovaly

"Giving your best effort to help those in need without selfish intent (in ones own interest or in anticipation or reward)"

William C Brown

"Sharing and caring"

Butch Donaldson

"Trying to emulate the teaching of Christ in everything I do. "

Roger Sroka

"Anytime you are with someone and they walk away with a smile on their face, an act of kindness was bestowed upon them."

Jim Meade

"Being there for your family, friends and those in need."

Michael Cox

"Kindness makes Life worth living ,God is Great !!!!"

Donny Bennett

"Kindness is sharing your jerky with someone. "

Aubrey Middleton

"Kindness means to put others before yourself respect them the way you want to be treated and Visa versa open doors for people you see struggling let people in front of you in line if they only have 2 items compared to your 20 kindness always goes along way if people would just appreciate each other "

VIto Crocco

"Giving of yourself to aid your fellow man without expectations or rewards."

Bobby R Mulholland

"Kindness is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with someone who is lost and desperately needs to hear it."

Ernie Mendrala

"Kindness, Is just a simple word to be nice, to respect others and treat people the way you want to be treated."

Harry kozerski

"Help every body and love your fellow man be kind to the animals and your family"

Ronald L. Knorowski

"Kindness to me is when you hear from people you have not heard from in a long time, getting a hold of me knowing that I would be there for that person."

Crystal covert

"kindness is showing how much I care about my family by taking time out for just them and what they want to do "

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