Michael Kolt

"Kindness is being there for my family when they need me. "

jake strzelewicz

"EVERY child, big, small, short and tall be taught the knowledge, given the opportunity and earn the confidence to achieve their goals through hard work and vigilance"

David Imm

"Helping your fellow man or woman. With no requard for self improvement or $$$. No matter what the need you help"

Guillaume Denis

"kindness for me would be to allow shipping to Canada your jerky makes me salivate but I cant get any"

Darren W Pirtle

"Kindness to me is happening everywhere in my community as people are dropping everything to help the evacuees from the Camp Fire. Donations have been pouring into the shelters and sites to the point that these places are needing extra volunteers to sort them and people are lining up to do it."

Brian Clark

"The ultimate answer, Kindness is when 150 of your friends come together for you in your time of need. When you are placed on a heart transplant list. "

JT FitzGerald

"Kindness has no judgement or preconceived notions"


"Kindness means to help everyone, when they need help, regardless of who they are what they look like smell like or their race, gender, or sexuality. Love is love. Kindness is love. I spent 6 years doing charity with the express knowledge I wouldnít likely survive my surgery. I just wanted to do something for the homeless and hungry before I leave this place. When I was a kid, a naked woman ran out in front of us and apparently was a victim of rape, we stopped and as a child I took my clothes off and handed them to her. I didnít understand why she was crying, but I knew something bad happened and she needed clothes. Thatís kindness. "


"Always smiling even though you canít fix the problem. "

Edward Schlogl

"Be kind to your family & people that hate. Ed S."

Shawn F.

"Kindness is seeing somebody suffering or in pain and not turning your back! Helping the people who dont have the means or can not do it for themselves!"

Gary Whitaker

"Living by the Golden Rule."

Billie J Hall

"Kindness is caring for those that need somebody to care...even if it is only a hug or a kiss. It is giving of yourself and doing all that God would have you do"


"Getting a text message and a picture of a cute puppy that your college-graduated granddaughter just adopted her first very own puppy from a Indian Reservation resque,saved its life.Fantastic--A lot of love,kindness and respect.Love animals,life and kindness.Yes,God shows us the way.I am proud.thank you."

Dennis H Shingu

"Doing for others that they may not have the means to do on their own and not expecting anything but a smile in return."

Mark Otto

"Kindness to me is doing whatever you can to help someone or something. Showing empathy for someone when they are going through a difficult time. Offering to buy someone who is living on the streets some warm clothes and a sleeping bag. Donate some time with habitat for humanity to help build houses for people in need. Spend some time at an animal shelter and take some dogs on a walk. Overall, just trying to help society and people in general be better for the world. "

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