David & Judy Usher

"Kindness Grows the Spirit and Strengthens The Soul"

James J

"Kindness is shining contagious spot light of joy on your friends as well as your enemies alike"

stephanie buchanan

"Kindness is sacrifice. Sacrificing your time, your money, your energy or your skills to the benefit of others with gladness in your heart."

Daniel Buchino

"Placing the needs of others before the needs of yourself. Always taking the opportunity to do something that will enrich the lives of your community."

Carl Hill

"Putting others before yourself!"

Leslie Taber

"Each and every time we go through a fast food line we always pay for the vehicle behind us just hoping we made someone smile "

Donald E Williams

"Kindness is helping one, just to help them. Or even just listen to one, just because."

Kim Kerns

"The ability to make someone feel safe, happy, hopeful. A non selfish act for someone else."

Tracy Kenney

"Kindness is going above and beyond your comfort zone to make someone feel like they really and truly matter."

Jeri Renae Rottler

"Being as helpful as you can to everyone you meet."

Tamara M Tanner

"Kindness should be in everyone.."

Xavier Carthen



"To do thing big and small without being ask"

Chuck Aeschbacher Jr

"Recognizing the humanity in others and the life force in all living creatures, respecting that we all suffer, have hopes, fears, needs... and when we can carrying a bit of the load for another without forgetting to be kind to ourselves as well."


"Helping others put a smile on their face."

Denise Hull

"Kindness is being open to another person doing something that may not always appear to be the right thing for the right reason. Really listen and give them a chance."

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