"To do thing big and small without being ask"

Chuck Aeschbacher Jr

"Recognizing the humanity in others and the life force in all living creatures, respecting that we all suffer, have hopes, fears, needs... and when we can carrying a bit of the load for another without forgetting to be kind to ourselves as well."


"Helping others put a smile on their face."

Denise Hull

"Kindness is being open to another person doing something that may not always appear to be the right thing for the right reason. Really listen and give them a chance."

Matthew hester

"Putting others before yourself. No hidden agenda. "

Kirk Potthoff

"Fishing and family time"

David Massa

"Kindness is loving your neighbor -- ALL your neighbors -- as yourself. "


"Kindness is way you see your values, as to how others see them."

Howard Bowren

"Kindness mean sharing every single piece of my or should i say our beef jerky with my little fur baby Rico !!!!"

Kellie Rushing

"Kindness is looking beyond appearances and dislikes of people. Kindness is a selfless act."

Cecil Rhea

"Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, respectful and considerate, and meaning it from the heart ♥ "

😁 Sandi Lee 😎

"See someone without a smile,  happily give them yours. Brighten someones day whenever you can ~Sandi ;)))))))))"

Leland Lee

"Kindness means helping others in less fortunate lives"


"Telling the Truth, not for your own benefit, but for their benefit and ultimate happiness."

Jaime Rickert

"Doing for someone else what they cannot do or would not think of doing for themselves."

Vannessa Dixie

"Kindness is a selfless act in which you deem your self less than others. Doing one a day keeps the frowns away. Give away something that costs nothing, but is worth a million..a smile."

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