"Being able to take all the stuff people dish out & return it with a closed lip & just a smile 🤗"

Frank Favazza

"Treating others as you like to be treated"

Grace Irelan

"Smiling at someone that looks sad."

Gerald Rose

"Helping people. And not expecting anything in return"

Tom King

"Taking care of love ones "

Lawson Patterson

"Kindness is an expression love. It is through our acts of kindness that we let others know; you are important, you matter, what you feel and think is of value and you are not alone. Kindness = Love 💕 "

Ken M.

"Kindness is picking out a single Mom, or elderly person eating in a restaurant and having their bill sent to your table anonymously. Or inviting a Veteran to sit with you and your family and eat and pay their bill. Kindness should be both calculated, and random. "

Scott Olson

"I recently started volunteering at a local detox center. It has opened my eyes to the fact you get more satisfaction from helping others as compared to always putting yourself first. The clients are so thankful, but I truly believe I get more out of it than they do. Thanks "


" Treating others as you would like to be treated yourself "


" Treating others as you would like to be treated yourself "

Ramy Morsy

"A sense of altruism that one has deep down. The well being of others is placed equal to or above that of your own. A sincere warmth that you freely share with the world in hopes to make it better!"


"Kindness is looking someone in the eye with a smile on your face, just to say good morning. "

Michael wiesner

"being true to u and others around u kindly"

Michael Beeton

"Judge not. Period."

Eva Mckee

"Kindness means helping others in less fortunate lives"

Daisy Dumler

"Kindness is making every indidual you encounter feel like they matter. There are too many people in this world who feel like outsider."

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