Rick Myers

"It means giving to others without wanting anything in return"

Rev Howard R Allen

"Unconditional Love"


"Kindness is an action of selflessness ...a small action that can benefit someone else in need without the expectation of something in return. In return it soothes and helps your soul by making someone else feel lifted by something as little as a smile, to spread love and healthy happiness ,as a solution to the unkindness of the world bestows on others In hard times. Kindness is healing"

Darren Jordan

"Giving of your time and talents to help others. "

George Jones

"Leaving someone better than you met them, to give them the sence of accoplishment they thought was unattainable"

Terey Bieger

"Kindness is love its showing small gestures to total strangers, doing things that might help others. Kindness is showing respect to other humans and animals . True kindness shows love and compassion no matter .. Kindness is not defined by what we do, but by the effect our actions cause."

Em Hughes

"Treating and loving everyone you come into contact with better than what they think they should be. So they feel like they are the most important person in your life."

Chris R. Snow

"To give yourself and your acts towards others without expecting anything in return. I make quilts for kids with cancer and that makes me happy being kind towards others. If you know a kid going through chemo who would like a quilt message me on my fb page Chris Raige. Peace!"

Robert Kelsey

"Treating everyone the same no matter what background they are from. "

Lou Doss

"Respect, smiles, thoughtfulness, and showing others you care. "

Greg Snider

"Honest, respectful discourse, regardless of your race, religion or political view. If we could all try a little bit harder things would be better."

Thomas Hanes

"Anyone that knows me will tell you that I try to help everyone in need. I belong to a group called H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everyday). If everyone in the world did something nice for someone just once a week. Just think how awesome that would be. Kindness is caring.."

Diane Brahn

"Just being nice! Talk to others nice, adults and children, do things for others without being asked nor expecting anything in return! "

Gerald Anders

"To do unto others as you would have them do unto you , without any thought of reward."

Cary Nuss

"Helping those who can not help themselves"

Chuck Newton

"Giving anything you have with no expectation of getting anything in return.SMILE"

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