"I believe you influence every single person you come in contact with. You never know what a simple smile and nice greeting can mean to someone who feels alone in this world. Spread love and kindness. You might just save someone’s life."

Bryan Kelly

"Kindness is giving without expecting anything in return."

christopher Cherry

"Kindness is showing love without any "if"s...!"

Vincent DiBernardo

"helping others without being asked"

Gary Washington

"Kindness merges dignity, honor, respect, sincerity and treating someone the way that you want to be treated."


"Kindness is being respectful to everyone, and helping others when you can; loving yourself so that you can be a better person of service to show love and kindness."

Denise Berggren

"Kindness is unconditional love for all things and of course people!"

jerry forrest

"friends and peace of mind"

Allen Krueger

"Treating people the same way you would want to be treated."

Michelle Grunklee

"Kindness is simple. Doing something for someone else without wanting to get rewarded for your actions!"

Brian Lendi

"I was brought up to always help when/where you can .treat everyone with a kindness that comes from in you "


"Give a helping hand,never expecting anything in return.Treat others like you would family. "

Bev Schnitzler

"some days kindness is just giving a friendly smile to someone who looks like they are having a rough day. or giving an encouraging word to someone...for no reason at all. treating others the way you would like to be treated."

Garrett Wallitsch

"Honesty, integrity, empathy and humility. Placing yourself not above or below your fellow man, but alongside him, regardless of differences in creed, race, faith, orientation or status. Placing the needs of the many over the wants of the few. Never shirking your responsibility to do the best you can for those in need. And above all, give what you can, love to the fullest and never respond to the suffering of others with silence."

Jaime Camero

"Kindness is doing whatever you can to help others, even when all you can afford is a smile. "

Laura Penny

"Doing something nice to someone even when no one is looking "

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