Brian Lendi

"I was brought up to always help when/where you can .treat everyone with a kindness that comes from in you "


"Give a helping hand,never expecting anything in return.Treat others like you would family. "

Bev Schnitzler

"some days kindness is just giving a friendly smile to someone who looks like they are having a rough day. or giving an encouraging word to someone...for no reason at all. treating others the way you would like to be treated."

Garrett Wallitsch

"Honesty, integrity, empathy and humility. Placing yourself not above or below your fellow man, but alongside him, regardless of differences in creed, race, faith, orientation or status. Placing the needs of the many over the wants of the few. Never shirking your responsibility to do the best you can for those in need. And above all, give what you can, love to the fullest and never respond to the suffering of others with silence."

Jaime Camero

"Kindness is doing whatever you can to help others, even when all you can afford is a smile. "

Laura Penny

"Doing something nice to someone even when no one is looking "

Rachel Browning

"Treating people with respect, being generous & loving all, not just some be nice to everyone."

Rick Dexel

"The first step to Kindness is found in Luke 6:31 , the bible says " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". If a person is unable to follow this rather simple guideline , then, that person is unable to exhibit kindness."

Heidi perry

"Kindness is treating people with compassion and sincerity. It means being nice and helpful even when you are not at your best!"

Diana Pimentel

"Kindness is your total acceptance and vulnerability to understand that we are all different and have different thoughts and hardships. Looking past those things and still offering a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, food, thought and even a hug. Any or all of those things to me are an expression of kindness. You never know what a simple smile can do to a person and how it affects their day. Be kind, smile and help those around you, no matter how small. They will never go unnoticed. "

Tasha Hall

"Kindness is trying to help people see positivity during their dark periods in life. "

Marion Bradford

"making sure all people are treated with love and respect life is hard enough without being knocked down by people that think they are better then others"

Stacy Dawn Riley

"Kindness means to me that... To help others when needed for no reason at all or expecting anything in return. Too be kind to eachother by compliments and not by putting others down, belittling or bullying... To treat others like you want to be treated.."


"Kindness is ensuring others feel welcome and helping those less fortunate than yourself."

Vickie Drake

"Kindness is helping people with anything without seeking credit or reward."

Marybeth Mank

"Kindness can be something as simple as smiling. You never know how that simple act can affect someone and, perhaps, give them a small beacon of hope for a better day."

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