Scotty Harris

"Kindness is doing something for some one because you want to not because you have to or because you feel obligated to. And not expecting anything in return"

Tina Saunders

"Treating others as I want to be treated. No hate, just acceptance and helping."


"Kindness is when you tell your significant other/ wife that the meal they slaved over all day was wonderful... even when you are on the way to the hospital with food poisoning. True Love Always! Luv u baby 😷"

Robin L Bowser

"What does kindness mean to me?having a open heart to everyone and showing them or anyone that they are important being empathic of them because everyone wants to feel undstood "


"Kindness means being there for someone no matter what time if the day or night. Even if its just to listen to them. Just being there for them giving of yourself "

Terry Oddo


Christy Malaric

"Kindness is going over to my sons house and letting his 4dogs out on a daily basis and enjoying it 😍"

Sal Ramirez

"forgiving yourself to allow you to forgive others "

Peter Gutierrez

"Kindness is showing others that you care especially when you learned it from your parents "


"Sharing yourself."

Leslie McDonald

"Kindness is treating others just a little bit better than you might expect someone to treat you. Giving just a little bit more of yourself and hoping that it rubs off on the next person."

Jenn Koziol

"Kindness is showing compassion for others!"

J Humphress

"Making everyone feel like THEY are the most important person in the room and treating everyone better than youd expect to be treated! ❤️"

Chris Miller

"Acknowledging others around you with either a greeting or even just a smile."

Nick Buschini

"Having an empathetic view to the world around you. "


"Kindness is listening to your heart and doing the right thing "

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