Billie J Hall

"Kindness is caring for those that need somebody to care...even if it is only a hug or a kiss. It is giving of yourself and doing all that God would have you do"


"Getting a text message and a picture of a cute puppy that your college-graduated granddaughter just adopted her first very own puppy from a Indian Reservation resque,saved its life.Fantastic--A lot of love,kindness and respect.Love animals,life and kindness.Yes,God shows us the way.I am proud.thank you."

Dennis H Shingu

"Doing for others that they may not have the means to do on their own and not expecting anything but a smile in return."

Mark Otto

"Kindness to me is doing whatever you can to help someone or something. Showing empathy for someone when they are going through a difficult time. Offering to buy someone who is living on the streets some warm clothes and a sleeping bag. Donate some time with habitat for humanity to help build houses for people in need. Spend some time at an animal shelter and take some dogs on a walk. Overall, just trying to help society and people in general be better for the world. "

Mike Chimera

"Respect "


"Helping people that really hungry "

Patrick C Johnson

"Putting others needs before your own. "


"Just helping someone feel like they belong or that they’re welcome."

Debbie Rodrigues

"Right now kindness is sharing my bulk beef jerky with friends"

Brian Patterson

"Kindness to me is giving unto others, especially the ones who need it more than yourself."

Richard Orton

"I am a rather large man, but I often see kindness in the return of a smile or the simple act of a friendly wave. I am a hugger and am not afraid to show how I feel to anyone I meet. I love to spread kindness to everyone I meet, I think I will always be old school."


"Kindness is doing something without expecting anything in return and doing it happily and willingly knowing you are getting nothing but the satisfaction of seeing someone else happy and kindness is a way of life that we should all practice love peace and jerky grease "

Lynda Jerrim

"Simple thing as a smile, a hello to all we meet can make that person feel a ray of sunshine. Common courtesy and never be rude."


"Helping people and expecting absolutely nothing in return is true kindness!"


"Putting others before you"

Joey Chillemi

"Helping those in need especially the less fortunate. Performing an act of kindness daily and thanking the lord for your opportunity to help others "

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