""Being there when they are about to go under durgury""

Mike Munoz

"It starts with being kind to your self.when you feel good ot spills over,you glow you smile and you give back with heart,from a simple good morning,to buying somebody a cup of coffee,to stopping to find out why a little child is crying,yes when you feel good you tend to give back..I"

Reid McEWan

"Kindness means putting others first and eating last; even though you cooked."


"A gentle sincere smile to a stranger, a long needed hug from a loved one, paying it forward expecting nothing in return. Kindness is a state of mind and something we should all strive to share every second of every day "

Sunny Montgomery

"Well iíd Say kindness means youíre not only helping others, but you are doing it simply because it helps them. Kindness comes from the heart "


"Kindness means bringing someone a bag of bulk beef jerky 😍"


"Leaving someone better off after their encounter with you!"

Greg Fenn

" Kindness is when a big group of people from church get together for a picnic, and everybody brings different items. And when I show up with your beef jerky, I am the hit of the party. And then everybody wants to know where I got it. So I shared your info. Thank you for making a great product "


"Paying it forward "

Gary Olpin

"The love I show and give to my daughter, whom I love so much!"

Michael F Nevius

"Being there when they are about to go under durgury"


"Giving the most love and help to anyone at anytime "

Andrew McCarthy

"kindness is like free items at events. it costs nothing and it makes everybody feel good. When someone needs a pick-me-up, spread some of it to make them feel better. Itís up to everyone to make the choice to change someoneís day and life with kindness."


"Kindness is what makes us, it can change the world for the better if we show even a little bit of it. Kindness is shown through the actions that you do as person, to show you care even if that kindness is not returned back to you. Kindness is me helping a stranger walk through the intersection because he is scared, kindness is me telling my friend who is crying that "everything will be ok". Kindness is an action and a contagious affection of love towards another and in hope that one day they will show kindness to someone else."

Rosangela Kaul

"Having a bad day, and have jerky to comfort you !"

Christoph Nuzzo

"Giving to others who need and not want "

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