"Kindness is doing what’s good for others not to bring glory to yourself, but simply because you know it’s right"

Elina Fochtman

"Kindness is the ability to put others above you and to be a positive influence in other people’s lives. "

Gideon Owens

"Kindness is caring for others selflessly. It means taking friends in when their home life is horrible. It means sharing food with your friends. Taking care of family. Kindness is just the right thing to do."

Donovan Gauthier

"Kindness means going out of your way to make someone happy even when you yourself arent."


"Kindness means to always put others before yourself."


"Kindness is to help or take care of someone or something"

Dalton Johnson

"Kindness to me is going out of your way, even when your at rock bottom, to help others. Kindness is doing anything to make someone smile. "


"Kindness is making sure everyone is happy before caring for your own happiness."


"Kindness means to go out of your way to make sure everyone feels good about themselves "

Jesse Peet

"to me kindness means not only doing the best for others but the best for yourself as well. Finding self love, and helping those who havent, on a path to loving who they really are. Everyone should be accepted and loved for the person they truely are and not have to masquerade as someone esle in attempt to be accepted. Kindness to me is accepting all people for who they are and loving them just the same. "

Travis Moon

"Kindness to me is helping or giving something to someone in need even if you have little yourself"

Jacob Bornhorst

"Kindness gives strength "

Jacob Bornhorst

"Kindness gives strength "

Jamie Gause

"Giving your sibling part of your sandwich even though they divided the love between your parents."

Drew Blauser

"“Kindness is going the extra mile to make others around you happy.”"


"Kindness to me means helping others when theredown or helping the needy "

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