"kindness is the most important feeling somone could be depressed or tired of life and that one act of kindnes can change their whole perspective on life itself "

James Dougherty


Diego Sifuentes

"Giving love to everybody to receive good karma back"

Cannon Matson

"Kindness means knowing youíre right and still saying sorry so that the other person feels better. Itís one of th"

Alex wandsnider

" Kindness is when you go out of your way to make sure others are happy and being respectful"

Cameron Tyeryar

"Kindness is when someone does something out of their way to help you or to lift you up."

Jose Flores

"Kindness means love, it means to give back the respect that people give to you. To care for others rather than just about you, kindness is the key to a healthy life!"

Nick SantaAnna

"Kidness to me is be humble respectful to who ever is around you and always place others needs before yours no matter who they are ... "

Matt Broomfield

"Kindness to me is treating people in the same way as you wish to be treated.. thats all anyone wants "

Steve Thompson


Tim Bonk

"Helping needy people"

Robert P Keegan

"One who is there for anyone regardless of whom they are. "



Kimberly J Maze

"Treat others well."

Denise Perricone

"Giving of oneself"

Tom Kaffer

"Treating others As you would like to be treated "

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