cheryl masching

"Helping others"

David Owens

"Doing something for someone or others without anyone or a lot of people knowing, and expecting nothing in return except what you feel inside."

Janet Mullins

"Kindness is showing love, respect, and availability to others. It means seeing a need and meeting it if possible ."

Frances Deanna Head

"Kindness is a friendly gesture to another!"


"Kindness to me means offering help,being generous and love"

Dennis Tearney

"People should show kindness everyday for it it spreads like wildfire. If you smile at a stranger or be kind to one, 99% of the time they will also. Thank you"


"Kindness is making spaghetti and meatballs for the whole family."

Heather Brooks

"Kindness is always doing your best to help people in need."

Terrence Woolf

"Kindness is being able to lend a helping hand in any matter at any time to those in need. "

Jeff Robinson

"Kindness means People helping People !!"

David V.

"Kindness is sharing your BULK jerky with friends and family."

Trenton Robinson

"Kindness is caring for someone other than yourself. Kindness can be shown in the form of a simple "hello", a friendly gesture to someone in need; or giving of yourself without expecting anything in return."

Nathaniel Delgado

"Being good to everybody you know and also to total strangers, and forgiving your enemies most of all and show them your friendship. In other words let bygones be bygones."

Tina Halstead

"Kindness is treating people with thoughtfulness and compassion irreguardless of our differences."

Sergio Mendoza

"Being a good human being"

Sergio Mendoza

"Being a good human being"

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