Michael A. Lupacchino

"Kindness is doing the unexpected at any time to give another the joy of knowing there are still good people in this world without expecting anything in returnKindnessKindnessK"

tracy edwards

"simple as a kind greeting to any and all people you pass by daily even thou they well look at me like iam crazy"

Ronald Mann

"Staying humble and being available to quickly help those in need, without expecting anything in return."

Marty Spiegel

"Treat everyone , but most importantly those who are in need , with kindness and sincerity"

Angelica Godoy

"Kindness to me means love. Sharing love and kindness with the world. And most importantly to those friends and family who’s lives I effect daily "

Ramon Guzman

"Kindness is a good deed that’s makes another person feel worthy and makes you feel good all in once. "


"Treating others with respect and good humor."


"Kindness is the sign of a great person."


"Kindness is the sign of a great person."

Lewis Valdez

"Treating everyone with respect and helping those less fortunate."

cheryl masching

"Helping others"

David Owens

"Doing something for someone or others without anyone or a lot of people knowing, and expecting nothing in return except what you feel inside."

Janet Mullins

"Kindness is showing love, respect, and availability to others. It means seeing a need and meeting it if possible ."

Frances Deanna Head

"Kindness is a friendly gesture to another!"


"Kindness to me means offering help,being generous and love"

Dennis Tearney

"People should show kindness everyday for it it spreads like wildfire. If you smile at a stranger or be kind to one, 99% of the time they will also. Thank you"

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