Bob Oborn

"Doing something for someone for the joy of doing something for someone"

debbie throop

"treat people and animals they way you want to be treated - always"

Timothy G Catt

"Kindness is helping all people that I meet and my neighbors, friends,coworkers,seniors homeless,and people trying to enter this country for a better life"


"Doing something for someone and not expecting anything in return"

Jeanie Myers


Michael Gossman

"Sharing things with people you know or do not know..."

Darrell N

"Giving the gift of unconditional love to those you care about"

Sterling Goodrich

""Kindness is helping others when you have joy to share so that you make a genuine human connection.""

Laura Robran

"Kindness is helping those in need. "

John Sealock

"Helping someone or something be better without shame or obligation."

Theresa Jenkins

"Kindness is sharing>>a smile, a hand, a thank-you, your time"

Darry P

"Kindness to me is putting someone else first .It can be helping sharing listening or goin without to make sure someone else has theres. Doin something or anything for someone else and putting thier feelings or needs above and before your own . "

Vern Miracle

"Helping folks who need it, not those who obviously dont."

Scott Dolan

"Kindness is sharing your jerky."

Jon Madden

"Kindness is attempting to see the situation from the other side before blowing a gasket. I am generally able to do this in most situations, but I struggle with it when I am in my car."

Mike Balgorsy

"Helping people even the not so nice ones"

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